Recent Professional Activities, Presentations, and Publications:

Committee Chair and Lead Author: “Guidelines for the Use of Fishes in Research”, American Fisheries Society, 2003, Bethesda, MD

Program Chair, Symposium on “Propagated Fishes in Resource Management”.  An AFS Symposium, June 15-18, 2003, Boise, ID

"Shipping Live Aquatic Products: Biological, Regulatory, and Environmental Considerations"; Presented at Marketing and Shipping Live Aquatic Products, Seattle, WA.  November 16-18, 1999.    

“Meeting the Hatchery Challenges of the New Millennium: Rearing More and Better Fish with   Fewer Resources and Lower Environmental Impacts, in a World with an Excess Human Population”. Presented at Aquaculture America ‘99, Tampa, FL.  January 27-30, 1999.

Conference Chair,  AQUACULTURE ’95, The International Triennial Aquaculture Conference,  San Diego, CA.  January, 1995

Price, I.M. and J.G. Nickum.  1995.  Aquaculture and birds: the context for controversy.  Colonial Waterbirds 18 (Special Publication 1): 33 - 45.

Barrows, F.T.,  J.L Sell, and J.G. Nickum.  1988.  The effect of dietary protein and energy level on weight     gain, body composition, and RNA/DNA ratios of fingerling walleye.  Prog. Fish Culturist,  50:211 - 218.


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